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Parent-Child Center, Inc. of Washington County, Maryland
The headlines remind us that child abuse remains a serious and growing problem. Each year more than 3.2 million suspected cases of child abuse and neglect are reported. Many more are unreported. Locally as many as 2,400 such reports have been made. That’s why it is important that everyone know that they can do something to help prevent child abuse. For twenty-six years the Parent-Child Center has taught the warning signs and how to report a suspected case of child abuse and or neglect. From its inception the Parent-Child Center has also been a strong and effective advocate for nurturing family life in Washington County. The Center helps families learn and practice positive parenting behaviors. This approach effectively interrupts the cycle of abuse, protecting children today and into the future. For more information about the Parent-Child Center and how you can help please call 30l-791-2224.

Millie Lowman
Executive Director
Parent-Child Center, Inc.

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